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3D Decal displays provide a truly powerful way to communicate with your customers. Creating a unique opportunity to engage with your brand, often producing user generated content (UGC) with customers sharing photos on their own social channels.

Still not Convinced? Take a look at this 3D Floorgraphic walkaround

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3D Floor Posters – Products

Bring your product to life with 3D Floor Decals, Ideal for in store or point of sale advertising that will draw attention to your product and help you stand out from the crowd.


  • Self-adhesive 4C + die-cut
  • Self-adhesive 5C transparent
  • Velours carpet print
  • Latex rubber mat
  • Street foil

Use / Application

  • Point of sale
  • Outdoor / Guerrilla
  • Trade fairs & exhibitions
  • Events / Concerts
  • Facility signage
  • Sports stadiums

3D Decal Display Floor Posters & Floor Mats appear three-dimensional to the observer. Our innovative process for the transformation of a 2D layout to 3D space, allows for the display of objects which seem to stand upright and can be seen even from a distance.