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3D Decal displays provide a truly powerful way to communicate with your customers. Creating a unique opportunity to engage with your brand, often producing user generated content (UGC) with customers sharing photos on their own social channels.

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About Shapeshifter Media

We are very proud to have been awarded the SOLE EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS for Australia & New Zealand to manufacture and distribute the unique 3D floor decals we believe are a game changing new advertising and POS medium.

3D Decal displays will now represent SHAPESHIFTER MEDIA, HQ in Germany, who have the worldwide Patent for this ground breaking new 3D Technology .

We will in turn offer this service to all our customers, allowing them take advantage of this highly engaging opportunity.

Who are ShapeShifter Media

Shapeshifter Media specializes in the development, creation and production of exclusive 3d advertising media and 3D designs.

Based in Hamburg / Germany, their worldwide business to business services focus on :

  • In-store POS Marketing
  • Out Of Home Advertising
  • Sports-marketing
  • Events, Fairs and Exhibitions
  • 3D Graphics & Digital Media

Shapeshifter Media enhances the range of possibilities for the presentation of brands, products and services with state of the art designs and exclusive advertising media.

Supplying business with eye-catching products that stand out from the crowd but require no special, cost-intensive technology for their application. Shapeshifter Media’s constant development of advertising formats includes innovative media for custom campaigns and patented standards for mass production.