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3D Decal displays provide a truly powerful way to communicate with your customers. Creating a unique opportunity to engage with your brand, often producing user generated content (UGC) with customers sharing photos on their own social channels.

Still not Convinced? Take a look at this 3D Floorgraphic walkaround

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3D Decal Displays are an exceptional form of promotional display.

Below we outline the process and resource requirements for creating the unique 3D perspective artwork.

Step 1 – Conceptual Sketch

Following consultation with the client and our design team or yours will create a 3D sketch of the intended layout.

This will be the primary guide for our 3D Artwork Production team and will illustrate the various elements of the final decal including the perspective, product placement, branding placement, sales message and environment.

This process may need to be repeated until we find a workable layout, there is an amazing variety of designs we are capable of producing however there are some limitations and some elements may not lend themselves to 3 dimensions very well.

3d decal layout

Step 2 – Design Assets

Then we will gather all required assets to create the 3d Artwork and deliver them to our specialist 3D Perspective production team.

Please ensure that all design asssets are provided in the below file formats

  • Logos in vector format (.AI . EPS) (with Layers visible)
  • Fonts (TTF)
  • Photo Resources for backgrounds
  • Custom Product photos must be taken at the correct perspective capturing 3 sides of the products, (top and 2 sides)
  • 3D wire-frame blueprints for physical products or packaging such as bottles etc to be used to create a 3d CAD replica of the product
  • The original packaging / label artwork to be used to wrap around the 3D replica to be able to render the product in 3 dimensions at the correct perspective. (.AI .PSD) (with Layers visible)

3D Blueprints for Product Packaging Example

Packaging Artwork to apply to 3D Model

Step 3. 3d Artwork Production

Once the assets have been collected, our 3d Design team will use a combination of supplied resources and will create new 3d models of products and other items to design the final decal artwork.

The actual packaging label artwork provided will be rendered onto the 3d product model

Step 4. Complete 3d Artwork Print

  • You will be provided with design proof of the final artwork file for approval
  • Once signed off the decal will be printed using the highest quality materials and processes.

3d FloorPosters for 7up bottles for supermarkets.